TechieGen Is The Future Of Learning. Upskill With Our Meme-Based Learning Platform

We Make Learning Fun With Memes

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World's First Meme-Based Learning Platform

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Learn With Memes

Learn highly paid skills with our curated content and with memes learning becomes fun.


Curated Learning Content

Personalized curated learning content for making learning engaging and fun.


Find College Events Near You

Find college events, symposiums, cultural events, workshops at your fingertips.


Say 'bye' To Procastination

When learning becomes fun, say goodbye to procrastination forever.

Upgrade Your College Life With TechieGen

Do You Still Have Those Unfinished Udemy Courses In Your Account? Do You Still Procrastinate While Learning Skills? 


 For College Students, TechieGen Is The Future Of Learning. We Make Learning Fun With Memes And Help You Upskill Both Personally And Professionally. TechieGen Takes An Innovative Approach To Learning Skills, Which Increases Curiosity And Engagement.


If You Are A College Student, Who's Looking To Improve Your Skills, TechieGen Is The Only Platform You'll Ever Need. 

Join The #TechiegenRevolution Movement As We Aim To Produce 10 Lakh Skilled T-Shaped Workforce By 2025.

World's First Meme-Based Learning Platform

Learn Highly Paid Skills With Memes

Techiegen is the transformative skill development solution for empowering you with high-impact skills that drive innovation, competitiveness, and growth.

Track Your Learnings

Compete With Peers

Set Daily Learning Goals

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Scrolling = Learning

Scroll Endlessly With Our Learning Content

TechieGen promotes student employability by Helping students master job-ready skills.

Story Behind TechieGen

We Started TechieGen Back In 2021 As A Whatsapp Group. Stuck In Our Rooms During Lockdown, Scrolling And Laughing On Memes On Instagram Sparked The Idea Of Using Memes With Learning Content. Coming From Tier 3 Colleges, We Worked Hard To  Build This Platform.

This Lockdown Has Made Us Realize The Need For Self Learning And We At TechieGen Worked Many Sleepless Nights To Build This Alternative Of Social Media. We Call This "The Instagram For Learning".

So, Join TechieGen To Upgrade Your College Life, This Is A Platform For Students, By Students.

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