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We are delighted that we do things according to those who matter to society the most, our students. After all, there's nothing more uplifting than a shared endeavour to bring people together, that makes learning special.


Connect and create a great network with students of other universities interested in career development. All are welcome, including those with diverse background and different majors.


Get to learn about a wide range of Technical topics, where new skills are graved, which helps to differentiate you from the crowd


Apply your new learning and connect, to build great solutions to local problems. Advance your skillset , career, network and give back to your community by helping others learn as well.

College Life is the most important part of everyone's life. It is a time to explore, network and learn, unlikely the harsh reality is we don't even know about our classmates. In a country like India, where we have less educational infrastructure system, there is a need for A CHANGE! A REVOLUTION! With almost everything available on the internet, it is so messed up for students to access.

TechieGen Community Provides a one-stop solution for college students, with courses, webinars, internship offers, competitions, events and many more straight into your inbox. Join TechieGen with 5000+ students from around the country with a mission for upskilling.

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Isn't it good graduating with some work experience? start your journey here.

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Isn't it good graduating with some work experience? start your journey here.

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Isn't it good graduating with some work experience? start your journey here.

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Isn't it good graduating with some work experience? start your journey here.

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The Student Community Forum allows to connect with a broader audience and serves as a platform to listen, participate and share thoughts, experience and stories with other members. We welcome all leaders, students, innovative entrepreneurs and CEO's to join our community. 

If you're looking for an online discussion platform, you've got a variety of options. Here are a few top picks and student favourites:



Share your thoughts, opinions to like-minded people around the globe



Meet with Student Entrepreneurs from around the country. Seek mentorship, network, discussions and many more.



Meet with students from various engineering students around the country.



Our network is your Net-worth, connect with people around the globe with the same interest.

Introducing TechieGen Challenges

You can connect with other Students, share your blogs, network with like-minded people, ask questions, share your college events and have fun!

What Students Say

Ignancya Michelle G

Velammal engineering college

Techie Gen is a platform that gives a wonderful experience and opportunity for people to do what they are good at and to bring people out of their comfort zone. What I loved about Techiegen was that I had no hesitation to ask doubt and the people working there answered every question so politely.

Khushi Mehta

Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering

Techiegen excellently played the role in networking for my team for just over a week. I was particularly impressed by the community's ability to handle such a massive audience efficiently by catering everything a student requires to expand his/her horizon and thoroughly justifies the said phrase 'One-stop solution for Upskilling'. Being a part of this community, Techiegen receives my genuine recommendation.

Yuvaresh C

Chennai Institute of technology

Techiegen was unbelievably supportive throughout the journey. Your team always inspires me to be part of such. Literally, it motivates a lot beginning from the startup to being now. I'm always grateful to be part of just a great community. They're source of connecting, educating and drive to improve the scope of students life

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