5 Secrets To Wealth Creation

1.) Pay yourself first - when you have started a business, make sure you also pay yourself. Because if your business model is such in which you are not able to create earning for yourself & you are only distributing money, it might be a sign that your business model is broken. Create a business in which you are able to pay yourself along with other people of course.

2.) Make money work for you - Find ways in which money can work for you. Maybe you can hire more team members. You can invest in technology to do things on automation for you. You can hire consultants or freelancers to be able to do the things for you that you are not good at. You can invest in places where money grows itself. The most important job of your money is to ease or fasten the processes in your company and to create more income opportunity.

3.) Invest in things you know - only invest in things you know how it works. People invest in things that seem like a passive money-making opportunity but they don't understand the model. It may be shared, maybe cryptocurrency or anything. Until you have knowledge of how these things work, don't invest. I only invest in things I know. Otherwise, it's a strict NO.

4.) Find a proven mentor - look at the future and where do you have the biggest opportunity going forward. Then find a proven mentor who can help you with the path to that big opportunity. Understand this, your TIME is more important than your money. Guess what, the richest person on the planet and everyone else has the same amount of hours per day, so why is it they are able to achieve more? Because they have optimized their time. A proven mentor will help you shorten your success journey.

5.) Hangout with Rich people - this is a big hack for wealth creation. You will learn the mindset of how Rich people work. How they manage their time. How they create earning opportunities. How they think about money. And what all places do they invest in. These things once you know are life changing. Whenever you get a chance, hangout with Rich people.

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