7 Mistakes Student Entrepreneurs Should Avoid 2020

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

7 mistakes new Entrepreneurs make

1.) No plan - they just venture into Entrepreneurship without any planning just for the sake of "becoming an Entrepreneur". That's not the right reason. You should have a proper reason WHY. Why do you want to become an Entrepreneur? And when you do, you should go in with proper planning.

2.) No High-Income Skills - As an Entrepreneur (business owner), you should be knowing high-income skills. Otherwise, you will find it hard to generate heavy revenue. And if you don't generate good revenue, you can't grow your team. It is really important for you to learn the high-income skills. Facebook ads are one of them.

3.) Expecting results too soon - you have to be patient. Very very patient. There is no date, time of year when you can think of generating huge results. It will all come naturally with time and of course because of step #1 - proper planning.

4.) Copying others - as an Entrepreneur, you should always be looking to create a blue ocean of your own rather than copying someone else and making the ocean even further red. You will always struggle in a red ocean because you don't have the first-mover advantage. Never copy anyone.

5.) Doing it alone - Many Entrepreneurs think of Entrepreneurship as a one-man game. Doesn't matter what level talented you are, you will always get beaten by someone who is working with a well-coordinated team.

6.) Thinking busy means productive - being busy is never being productive. Plan your days ahead of time. Plan your work for the day and work accordingly. Do not get distracted by just sitting in front of the system and thinking you are doing work.

7.) Not starting today - start now. Don't wait for perfection. At whatever stage you are, start with the next step right now.

These 7 things are the massive mistakes a lot of new Entrepreneurs make.

Make sure you don't do.

Have you committed any such mistake before?

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