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7 Things to know Before starting your Start-Up

Here are the top 7 things to look out before starting your organization. 

1: Team

Richard Brandson says: a company is just a group of people coming together to build something meaningful.

So at the core of any organization wanting to be a family, a company or a football team, are people. People are the most important asset any business can have.

Warren Buffet has many companies yet he does not run even a single one of them, how then they are still so successful? Because he makes sure there are great leaders at the helm of any of his companies.

So when it comes to the startup world and funding, it's no different than investors look at the team first.

Masayoshi Son, who invested in Jack Ma's Alibaba when they had still no revenue or business plan, says I invested because of Jack Ma himself and not the company, because of his charisma and vision.

So startup investors want to see a few things before investing:

2: More than one founding team member

This does not mean being a single founder means you have fewer chances of success, not, but investors feel more confident when there are two or three founders who share the same vision, so their risk of losing that single founder reduces.

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