Design Thinking Courses for Students in 2021

Updated: Jan 2

Design thinking is both an ideology and a process. The design process seeks to understand the user and redefine a problem by challenging assumptions. The method is mainly used for problem-solving when there's no immediate path or solution.

The design thinking process arises out of a deep interest in understanding the user for whom the product or service is intended.

This sense of profound empathy allows designers to reframe questions, challenge assumptions, and understand the far-reaching implications of any product or service.

Here are some resources to learn design thinking from.

Design Thinking - Generating Ideas, Stories and Prototypes -Revised

This free online Design Thinking - Generating Ideas, Stories, and Prototype course will teach you how professional products are built from ideas, and how ideas themselves can be productively generated. You will also learn how to create storyboards, derive new concepts, and prototype your designs professionally. These are essential skills for any professional with creative responsibilities, and you can gain them today, for free.

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Design thinking - OpenLearn

Are you ever frustrated with something that you thought you could design better? This free course, Design thinking, will show you how to structure your natural creativity to come up with solutions to all kinds of problems, and have fun in the process too!

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Design Thinking Courses - Edx

Learn design thinking from top institutions including Microsoft, RIT and more on edX. Join today.

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Design thinking - IBM

Apply design thinking to complex teams, problems, and organizations.

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Getting Started with Agile & Design Thinking - Google

Despite everyone’s good intentions, hard work and solid ideas, too many projects end up creating unneeded, unusable, and unsellable products. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Together, agile and design thinking offer a different and effective approach to product development, one that results in valuable solutions to meaningful problems.

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Design thinking gives you an opportunity to take a look at problems from a completely different perspective. The process of design thinking allows you to look at an existing issue in a company using creativity. The entire process will involve some serious brainstorming and the formulation of fresh ideas, which can expand the learner’s knowledge. By putting design thinking approach to use, professionals are able to collaborate with one another to get feedback, which thereby helps in creating an invaluable experience to end clients.

The design process goes through multiple evaluations. The process does not stop even after the deliverable is complete. Companies continue to measure the results based on the feedback received and ensure that the customer is having the best experience using the product. By involving oneself in such a process, the design thinkers constantly improve their understanding of their customers, and as a result, they will be able to figure out certain aspects such as what tools should be used, how to close the weak gaps in the deliverable and so on.

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