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Marketing Basics For Students 2020

Marketing is one of the most important skills business owners need to know…

And even if you’re an employee or working in corporate, marketing yourself is crucial to attract new roles and advance your career.

Here are the 3 key marketing principles EVERY person needs to know!

1. Positioning

If your product or service looks exactly the same as other offers in the marketplace, then you’ll have a hard time growing your business.

It’s hard to stand out from the pack.

Ideally, you’ll want to position your product as the “premium” offer.

Meaning that it has exclusivity and not everyone can simply choose whether they want it or not.

Maybe your whole branding is different from the competitors. Or maybe interested customers must pass a qualification phase.

Either way, you need to create a sense of “speciality” around your brand.


Knowing your ideal customer will either make or break your business.

If you try to sell your product to everybody, then you’re just throwing money out of the window.

You need to get super clear on which people actually want and need this product…

And then you have to get it in front of them.

It’s also worth noting that we have to choose the right marketing medium that fits our target market (social, digital ads, TV, newspapers, billboards, etc).

3. Offering

Offering is not how you position the product but what the product actually is and what marketing message comes with it.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of a USP - “unique selling proposition”.

It’s the one thing that makes your product or service different and why customers should choose YOU.

Once you have your USP, you need to put it in writing and explain potential buyer’s how they’ll benefit from this. What’s in it for them?

These are the keys.

If you focus on getting these 3 core marketing drivers right, I can guarantee that you’ll business will flourish.

Or if you position yourself right, have a unique skill set, and focus on finding the right people, then you’ll career will flourish ;)

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