Marketing Tips For Students 2020

I have internalized some learnings which I intend to share with you today.

Here go my Learnings:

Learning #1 - Experiment

Digital innovates every day, so in order to get maximum out of Digital as a Medium - You have to test every day. There are no set benchmarks or written guides for new things, so Experiment barbarically and you will be surprised to see your results

Learning #2 - Consistency

Just like any field of Life, Digital demands Consistency too. Without consistency, it’s hard to see results in Digital Space

Learning #3 - Humanise

With Computers, Algorithms and Codes - the whole ecosystem feels heavily robotic. In order to get really successful, make sure to give the human touchpoints to your Brand. This goes a long way in growing any brand on the Internet.

Learning #4 - Doing that One Thing

Digital can be messy and confusing, and amongst many things we do - they have an almost negligible impact on the bottom line of the Organization. So be sure to find out that one thing that actually is directly linked to ROI instead of doing 10 different things that yield nothing substantial.

Learning #5 - Creativity

It’s a crowded world out there, getting attention is the most difficult thing today. So one has to do the abnormal, more like mixing things. A CEO dressed as Santa can go a long way today for example than 1000 other things one does for the audience. Mix things and put it out to see the magic.

Learning #6 - Data Speaks

Unlike a lot of other fields, Digital is one file that’s Data rich. One can track almost every single activity of the user and make patterns of the same. So make sure you take Decisions based on Data and not based on merely Gut feelings.

Learning #7 - Automations

One thing which is astonishingly great about Digital is the ability to Automate things if there is a process which is repetitive - the chances are that 50-80% of those tasks can be automated. So leverage Technology and put it to proper use for best Output.

Learning #8 - What works today may not work tomorrow

The rate of change has exponentially increased in recent times, so what you think or observe is working today is deemed to go awry in the next 1 year or so. It’s exponential change, so be sure to innovate every year, or every month even for that matter!

Hope these learnings help you to avoid some mistakes that I have made in the past.

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