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Personal Branding Tips for Students 2020

“The development of digital technologies and the introduction of social media, ‘personal brand’ takes a whole new meaning. Suddenly, you have more room to show the world who you are and what you care about. Your online identity becomes defined by everything you share on the internet.”

Authenticity is a staple of crafting your own personal brand, but how can designers put themselves out there in the digital ether with authentic confidence?

Tip #1: Tell your story

“The most neglected, yet very important aspect of a personal website has to be the ‘about’ and ‘process’ pages. Showing the face behind the work helps instantly establish trust with potential clients. And having a strong, thorough process page can help show your level of expertise. Those two pages alongside a curated portfolio are a secret to landing more client work through a website.”

Tip #2: Be consistent

“There is a reason why big brands stick to the same name and visuals for decades, or even hundreds of years (just think of Coca-Cola). Their slogans might change and they might invest resources into various campaigns, but some things remain the same, which helps them be recognized and capture the essence of their brand.

If you want to build a strong personal brand and make sure you are easy to find, it’s important to keep the same brand look and feel across all of your online profiles. If available, use a first and last name combo for your social media usernames, and feature the same photograph. It’s important this matches the information on your personal website.”

Tip #3: Live your brand

“The most important tip—live your brand. By defining what makes you unique, whether it’s your story, your style and, most often, a blend of both, it’s important you commit to it and let others see it. Your personal brand should follow you no matter where you go.

You should not only strive to leave your brand’s mark on your ‘about me’ and process pages but through all spheres of work, regardless of whether it’s that which you do for clients or YouTube tutorials. Get social, too. Work on your networking skills; expand your network. Represent your brand in your Tweets as much as you do in your meetings with clients. Your brand is an extension of you, so keep it natural and never forced.”