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The Pomodoro Method: Take Strategic Breaks To Improve Productivity For Students

Do you spend the majority of your day at your desk?

And do you find it difficult to concentrate throughout the day?

There’s a simple solution to improve your productivity and focus: The Pomodoro method.

It’s human nature to have a desire to improve your output. For machines, it’s straightforward: You improve speed. Machines get faster and better every day. But what about your personal productivity?

I’ve read dozens of books on productivity. I’ve read countless articles on time-management. And I’ve tested different methods to boost my productivity.

The idea is simple: I want to get more done in the same amount of time. I’m not looking for shortcuts or hacks, so I have to do less work. I don’t mind working.

What I don’t like is the feeling of wasting time on stuff that is meaningless. Sometimes I start by watching one YouTube video, and BOOM, 2 hours have gone by.

And then I get frustrated with YouTube. But that doesn’t make sense. It’s like getting angry with alcohol after you’ve spent a night boozing.

It’s not the alcohol, IT’S YOU. You just couldn’t have one drink or watch just one video. Couldn’t you?

I’ve found a way to eliminate that frustration with the distractions of work (not boozing), which makes it a lot more fun to work and less stressful.