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Saver Morning Routine | Five-morning habits to change your life

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Everyone must have seen a hundred-meter race in your lifetime. The most important part in a hundred-meter race was the start and not the finish because the rate of speed and how the player starts the race just determines the lead of the player and it leads to the winning finish of the race.

Likewise, the most important part of human beings in 24 hours is the first 5 minutes. How you spend the first 5 minutes of the 24 hours decides the rest of the day. Many of you will start your day with your mobile phone checking out WhatsApp messages, listening to news and through some other means. Most of the time, just negativity surrounds you. Instead of that, if you spend your first five minutes positively, it will be of great help. You all know it very clearly. But here’s the doubt as to how to start your day?

Here are some techniques to start your day. It’s simply called a SAVER technique. Most of the successful people and people who were epitome in their field follow this technique. Let’s know what is SAVER technique!!


“Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers”

You were sleeping and as the time comes, the alarm bell rang and now you were awake. The first thing you have to do is so simple, just keep silent. It is regarded as meditation in national terms. You have to spend the 1st minute by keeping silent. Your brain just awakes from sleep, so don’t give any negative thoughts to it. Just keep your brain calm. Hence the first step in SAVER technique is to maintain silence for 1 minute.


“I have the power to create the life I desire”

Affirmation means taking promise to yourselves. So you should spend the 2nd minute in affirmation. You should tell a positive message to yourself. It’s regarded as prayer in national terms. You should tell yourself that I should do all things that I planned, this day should be so great, I want to be happy throughout this day and so on. Just make a promise to your mind how this day should be. Thus spend your 2nd minute through affirmation. Now you are entering into the 3rd step that is visualization.


“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there”

The powerful tool in SAVER technique is visualization. Because you are telling your brain what you should do in a day. Now you just imagine the things what should happen in a day and make a play of all those things. Make sure that you were taking part in all things and always imagine positively. For example, you imagine like you have an exam today and make a visualization that you have completed the exam so well and walking out of the exam hall happily. All these things were just an input to your brain and make sure that everything is positive. Hence you should spend the 3rd minute through visualization.


“The body achieves what the mind believes”

You are going to spend the 4th minute through exercise and also you are going to do it for 1 minute. Don’t do any heavy workout, just do small stretches. While you wake up, your body muscles will be weak, tired and it will be in a relaxed state. In order to change your muscles from a relaxed state to an active state, you were asked to expand your muscles. So do exercise which will make your muscles expand and active for the 4th minute.


“Reading is a passport to countless adventures and the world belongs to those who read”

The most important thing is reading. You have to spend the 5th minute through reading. Please don’t read the newspaper at the 5th minute of your day. Most of the times, the newspaper contains negativity. Read self-improvement, self-help and self-motivation books which will boost you with positivity. Do read that book for 1 minute which gives you positive vibes. Avoid reading fiction books at the 5th minute of your day.

Follow these five steps in order for the first 5 minutes, so that your day may have a great start. When you start the day great, your body will give you the energy to complete the rest of the day.

Follow these steps regularly, definitely, you may have a change in your life!

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