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Yuvaresh C, CEO, Fuinn Tech

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What Features Will I Get If I Join Techiegen Today?

Get Access To Our 10+ Meme Based Learning Paths To Learn Your Favourite Skill, Get Priority Access To All Our Internships, Access To Techiegen Online Resource Center, Acess To Techiegen Community Premium And Many More. In Simple Words, Everything A Student Needs.

Why is Techiegen Platform not free?

We would've loved to make this free if we had the resources to. As full-time professionals, we can't afford to trade tens of hours of work. Every lecture is carefully crafted and we've been working on Techiegen for months. We've tried our best to keep the prices reasonable so that you can get the maximum learning outcome and we sustain ourselves too.

Why can't I Go For Other Platforms

Udemy has a  Course completion rate of around 4%. With Techiegen Community and Mentors, You can clear your doubts anytime, interact directly with the instructor and your peers. If you are getting a product with better learning results and a mentor to guide you, then paying a slight premium will make a huge difference.

Should I Pay For Joining Techiegen Internships?

No, everyone can apply for the internship, there is no payment involved, you will be accessed on based of your skills, response and interview. However Techiegen Customers Will Be Given Priority Access.

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