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College Life is the most important part of everyone's life. It is a time to explore, network and learn, unlikely the harsh reality is we don't even know about our classmates. In a country like India, where we have less educational infrastructure system, there is a need for A CHANGE! A REVOLUTION!

Techiegen is a student community, welcoming students from all discipline and culture, to learn, grow and network. We promote self-learning and entrepreneurship and we believe that’s the key to transforming the society. In Techiegen we’re building a platform to revolutionize college education by providing a one-stop solution to students for upskilling.


If you’re a prospective student, we're excited to help you achieve your dreams. If you’re thinking of joining us, we can’t wait to hear your vision for the future of education. If you’re an investor wondering whether you should give us money, we have evidence that education is worth betting on. If you just want to say hi or have questions, email us at

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Values We Follow In Techiegen


Education is no longer a one-time investment, but is instead a lifelong pursuit.


The current education system is unprepared to meet the talent demands of the 21st century.


We learn best by interacting with other humans.


Continual education gives us an unprecedented opportunity at career mobility.


Being able to study on one's own time with personalized guidance leads to the best learning outcomes.


Great mentors can play an invaluable role in finding and developing a fulfilling career.