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Story Behind TechieGen

College Life is the most important part of everyone's life. It is a time to explore, network and learn, unlikely the harsh reality is we don't even know about our classmates. In a country like India, where we have less educational infrastructure system, there is a need for A CHANGE! A REVOLUTION!

Techiegen upgrades your college life, by providing everything needed as a student at your fingertips. In Techiegen we’re building a platform to revolutionize college education by providing a one-stop solution to students for upskilling. We promote lifelong learning and entrepreneurship and we believe that’s the key to transforming society. We are the world's first meme-based learning platform and we intend to be an alternative to the existing online courses. We can totally replace the students' procrastination time with our meme-based social media platform and we can increase the engagement rate of students learning a skill.


If you’re a prospective student, we're excited to help you achieve your dreams. If you’re thinking of joining us, we can’t wait to hear your vision for the future of education. If you’re an investor wondering whether you should give us money, we have evidence that education is worth betting on. If you just want to say hi or have questions, email us at


Meet The Squad Behind Techiegen



Surendar kv

Founder & CEO


Vidhya S

Content Lead

Tackling The Unemployment Problem In India

The unemployed rate in between age group 15- 29 has been increased since 2009-2010. According to the Global Employment Trends 2014 the unemployment rate has raised to 3.8%, last year it was 3.7%. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has said in the recent report that India has shown rise in the unemployment in the last two years.


If the problem of unemployment is solved it will help in development of the country. With Population of1.20 billion in our country the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. The problem of unemployment is rising but still many industries are facing the problem of skilled candidate for their company. There is a boom of software companies, Outsourcing companies in India, but still facing the problem of unemployment. 

Our Mission

To build a one-stop platform for college students, by providing everything they need at their fingertips.

Our Vision

To help college students to upskill and build them both professionally and personally.

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