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Ready To Represent TechieGen In Your Campus?







What’s involved in being an Ambassador?

Through this highly selective program, you’ll gain valuable work experience and money while playing a vital role in helping students succeed. Imagine telling your future employers about this highly selective program (with one of India's Largest Community) where you had the opportunity to:

Work Experience

Open the door to other professional opportunities & Get real-world work experience

Networking Opportunity

Work on a virtual team, where you can meet new people in your campus community and from around the nation

Career Skills

Learn new skills (like communication and public speaking) that help you grow — professionally and personally 

What’s The Responsibility Of An Ambassador?

Be the voice of Great TechieGen out there.

Spread Awareness About TechieGen To Your Circle.

Build An Ecosystem Of TechieGen In Your Campus.

Promote Our Products In Your Campus.

Encourage Your Friends To Sign Up For TechieGen

Benefits Of Being An Ambassador?

Certification & Letter Of Recommendation
Early Access To All Our Initiatives
Gift & Goodies To Top Performers

Does this program sound like it’s for you?

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